Bridleway Reports

You can report any problems (or good experiences!) that you encounter while out and about on the bridleways in MSABG’s area.

The County Councils are responsible for getting your problem fixed if it is on a statutory bridleway and the relevant organisation or owner is responsible if it is a permissive path. Members can find that the Councils’ interactive maps listed on our Maps, Routes and Rides page can help you locate the bridleway that you want to report.

Logging a problem here on MSABG’s website, ensures that there is a permanent record of your issue which can be tracked. This could also help towards finding a solution.  Other people will be able to see the list and can often offer more information and help.

1. Log your problem on MSABG’s website by Submitting a Bridleway Report
You will be prompted for information but if you are not sure of anything just do your best! Then use the back-arrows to get back to this page and…

2. Report your problem to the relevant authority 

If the bridleway is in West Sussex report it at West Sussex County Council if in East Sussex its  East Sussex County Council and if within Brighton & Hove area use the report form at Brighton and Hove City Council

Rights of Way Officers are busy people but if you have not had a reply after one or two weeks then follow up. Get some idea of when your problem might be attended to and follow up again! Be tenacious and don’t lose heart. Some issues do take a long time to be resolved. Please remember to let us know how things are going, especially when a problem that you have reported is fixed. If you need any help in getting your problem sorted out then contact us. MSABG’s members and committee have a good deal of experience under their belts!

Note that you can re-order the Bridleway Report entries below by clicking on the title of the appropriate column.

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Report nr.Reported onParishBridlewayProblem TypeStill PassableStatusReported to LA
#0104813/06/2016 22:04Plumpton24c - Plumpton Lane to East Chiltington (western end)SurfaceYesTo be investigatedNo
#0104713/06/2016 22:00Streat34 - from Streat Church to Hayleigh FarmhouseSurfaceYesTo be investigatedNo
#0104628/04/2016 21:30Portslade15 - Mile Oak to Cockroost HillGateYesFixedYes
#0104505/04/2016 15:20Westmeston11 - Parallel to and West of Streat Lane to Middleton ManorObstructionYesFixedYes
#0104422/03/2016 04:59East Chiltington34a,b,c,d,e - Wooten Farm Rail Crossing to B2116GateYesFixedYes
#0104316/03/2016 15:16St John Without20 - Courthouse Farm/ Mount HarryGateYesReported to local authorityYes
#0104208/02/2016 14:07TwinehamBob LaneClosureNoFixedNo
#0104105/02/2016 21:57Pyecombe20 - Pycombe golf course entrance to SDW (via New Barn Farm)ObstructionYesReported to local authorityNo
#0103924/01/2016 19:17Westmeston20 - Wapple Way (east from Black Dog Hill)ObstructionYesFixedYes
#0103710/01/2016 22:11Keymer03 - Ockley Lane to Oldlands MillObstructionYesFixedYes
#0103611/12/2015 16:58Falmer11- Falmer Road to Newmarket PlantationGateYesFixedYes
#0103503/09/2015 13:14ClaytonCar Park at Jack and Jill MillsOtherYesFixedYes
#0103414/07/2015 17:14Wivelsfield24 - South Road (Woodley House) to 100 Acre LaneSurfaceYesFixedYes
#0103313/08/2015 09:40Brighton&Hove49 - Falmer Hill towards B2123VegetationYesFixedYes
#0103212/08/2015 19:59FalmerBridleway From Falmer to WoodingdeanWidthYesReported to local authorityYes
#0103116/07/2015 09:54Balcombe3727 - Greentrees Farm (Crawley Lane)SurfaceYesOn list for repairYes
#0103014/07/2015 10:49Pyecombe04 - New Way Lane (Clayton) to School Lane (Pycombe)SurfaceYesFixedYes
#0102912/07/2015 07:59Ditchling1 - Hope FarmObstructionYesTo be investigatedYes
#0102830/06/2015 13:42Hurstpierpoint39/1Hu - From B2118 to Bullfinch LaneObstructionYesReported to local authorityNo
#0102715/04/2015 22:57Westmeston11 - Parallel to and West of Streat Lane to Middleton ManorObstructionNoTo be investigatedYes