Are you interested in Alan Hiscox’s DEAD SLOW campaign? … read on …

The Dead Slow campaign is a project that Alan Hiscox is now heading up. It is not known as widely as it should be to make a difference and there are many unidentified “Hot Spots”, which Alan has invited our members to nominate for Dead Slow signage and support.

For example: narrow country lanes with no speed restrictions, fast roads with blind corners, those constantly in use by horse riders, cyclists, children and dog walkers who are all in danger of being frightened or hurt by reckless drivers unconcerned about other users’ needs or safety.

He advises to get support from the local parish council if possible, and then he would contact the local highways. If possible, he would even come and visit the road with the riders.

Alan is also interested in coordinating some ‘Safe Pass Checks’, similar to the one that was carried out in 2021. Follow this link for the full story: . However, Alan needs to borrow a traffic proof horse and some members of the police.

Please feel free to contact him if you want to nominate a road you think would qualify.

Alan’s contact details are as follows: but he emphasises that you should report incidents, close passes, near misses, on the BHS ‘Horse I’ App  (free to downdoad) or on the website :

‘Horse i’ 

It lets you quickly tell the BHS about any incidents that happen to you on or off the road.

Recording these incidents helps the BHS …

  • To identify hotspots to offer support to local equestrians in local safety campaigns.
  • Hold special equine safety events in your area to highlight what issues equestrians are facing.
  • Lobby and advise MP’s government, road safety partnerships, the police and other organisations.


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