Can you help by 1st April 2022 – Iford & Swanborough – Cycle path only!!

A proposal for a route, partly over an existing footpath, which would link Iford and Swanborough.  You can see the full proposal at –

The proposal would form a link between the new bridleway between Lewes and Iford, linking it to the bridleway to the downs and to the permissive route which leads to the Egrets Way at Springbarn Farm.  So it is a very important link.

There is just one problem.  It is designated as a cycleway, just like the permissive route which runs from Swanborough to Springbarn Farm.  This means that, as proposed, it would signposted for walkers and cyclists.

Oddly, there is a reference to equestrians using the crossing of the C7 road. This crossing is part of the current permissive cycleway, which suggests that the landowner may be open to equestrian use.

I suggest that as many people as possible should write in, pointing out that equestrian groups have just contributed money to the increase in bridleways in the area and that the route should be available to equestrians.

The deadline for comments is April 1.

Chris Smith


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