Barcombe Mills Appeal

Barcombe Mills Bridleway claim update.   

Back in 2017 a claim was made to put the Old Toll Road at Barcombe Mills onto the Definitive Map. It was then learned that the adjoining Hayes Lane, although shown on the East Sussex County Council’s internet Definitive Map as a right of way, was not on the paper version which is the legal document.

The route is also shown on Ordnance Survey maps as part of the Sussex Ouse Valley Way but, in fact, it was not a public highway of any kind. So a claim for both was made in May 2018.

There followed a number of objections from and responses to the owner of Barcombe House and the Ouse Angling Preservation Society. When no Order had been made by ESCC by May 2019 I took the matter to the Planning Inspectorate.

In September 2019 the Inspectorate informed me that ESCC were to be allowed a further 12 months to consider the situation. So in September 2020 I telephoned ESCC to ask why they had not made an Order and was told that it was delayed because of covid!

Mary Parker – MSABG Chairperson.

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