About Us

The Mid Sussex Area Bridleways Group is an independent voluntary organisation, which was formed in 1978. Centred in Mid Sussex, it operates in the area between the River Adur in the West, the River Ouse in the East, and Balcombe to the North. This area covers 300 square miles and includes approximately 140 miles of bridleways.

We attract as members, those who want to protect and improve the bridleway network in Mid Sussex for horse riding, walking and cycling.

We have a committee of elected members and a set of rules by which the group operates.

At a local level we have a strong network of members who have a detailed knowledge of the bridleways, and any problems associated with them. Members can refer to local area representative and/or the MSABG committee to help them with any bridleway issues and indeed any other problems encountered while riding. Our committee and long standing members have a wealth of knowledge accrued over the years!

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