NEEDED – Website administrator for Bridleway Reports on MSABG website

NEEDED – Website administrator for Bridleway Reports on MSABG website

Our current Bridleway Report Administrator has moved out of MSABG’s area and we are in need of someone new!

Could you help us?  Or do you know anyone with good computer skills who might?

You get an email alert for each report when it is entered on the website. You then approve it (or not!) and on the website dashboard, click it  it to be published on the website’s reports page.

Go to the BW Reports page of our website at to view the current list.

You pass the actual problem to a MSABG Area Rep or member of the committee who can help/advise the reporter of the problem resolve the issue. You then add their feedback to the website report so that others can see what’s happening.

It is a brilliant tool not only so that problems on our bridleways get sorted but also as it gives MSABG a permanent record of what’s been happening on each of the bridleways in MSABG’s area. This proves invaluable for the future!

Call Hilary on 01444 242989 or 07970 958204 for further details.


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