ESCC Rights of Way Survey – have your say now

“There is a consultation being conducted about the Rights of Way in East Sussex.

All who ride in East Sussex should respond to ESCC’s Rights of Way survey at or go directly to the survey at

You should  complete it before 20th February 2015.

ESCC will use the survey information ‘to develop a plan to meet the long term needs of East Sussex residents’. So if riders want their needs to be met they must respond. Otherwise bridleways and horse access to open spaces owned/managed by ESCC could be way down the list of their priorities!

There are a huge number of horse riders in the area but do ESCC know about them, where they are and what their needs and concerns are? This is your chance to tell them!

Please pass on this information to other horse riders in East Sussex and any other users of the public rights of way and open spaces that you know. The more responses ESCC get the better the picture of the Rights of Way needs they will have.”


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