‘Many hands make light work’ Bridleway clearance – Streat Lane

‘Many hands make light work’

The weather conditions we experienced this Spring and Summer have been responsible for a growth spurt of all things green! Many bridleways have become choked with nasty brambles and nettles and with overhanging low branches some routes have become impassable. One such bridleway was the one at the back of Malthouse Barn Stud, Streat lane, Streat, where I keep my mare so rather than sit and moan about it I decided to get on and do something.
Now after 4 evening sessions and lots of help from a small team of fellow riders and one non rider but someone who enjoys a good workout we have cleared a large section of Westmeston 11. We started at Bunkers Hill, through Meadowsweet Ford and included the horribly boggy section (yes, even claggy in August!) alongside Mid Sussex Golf Course. Street Lane, Bridleway
Total man hours was 42 hours – well to give credit where due 40 woman hours and 2 man hours!
Thanks to the hard work of Lyndsey Binns, Jacqueline Delaney, Yvonne Riggs, Jenny Smith, Janice Gillbanks, Sarah Basley, Sue Coote, Hilary Pierce, John Weighill, Gillian Weighill, Becci Sherwood and Lorna Page and Alex we have a wonderful stretch of path to ride again.”
I have listed the helpers in the order of how many hours they did.
Reported and written by Linda Hazelden

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