Upper Beeding, bridleway nos. 2747 (part) – Temporary Closure Notice – update 10.8.15

UPPER BEEDING: PUBLIC BRIDLEWAY NO. 2747 (Part) – Temporary Closure Notice The closure is necessary to protect public safety whilst clearance and surfacing works are undertaken. Unfortunately there are no alternative routes available for equestrians and cyclist using the public rights of way network. Pedestrian please use the adjacent footpaths. The path will be closed for 21 days from the 23rd July 2015. Should you have any queries regarding the closure please contact Public Rights of Way Team (WSCC) (01243) 777620
See attached for route details
Upper Beeding Bridleway 2747
Update 10th August 2015 – The surface and drainage works at the Bramlands Lane end of this BW are complete but the path will remain closed until the surface has settled – most probably for a couple of weeks. PLEASE OBSERVE THE SIGNS and where possible explain to other riders that this SO helps the longevity of the new surface. If the fine particles on the surface are given a chance to filter down the air pockets between the large stones it forms a good firm base with the larger stones much less likely to be dug up by horse hooves. Thank you.

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