Wivelsfield Bridleway 24 – Surface repair

Wivelsfield Bridleway 24 which goes from 100 Acre Lane to South Road is shut from 14th July till 23rd July for resurfacing in the wooded area nearest the 100 Acre Lane end. The other end going onto South Road will be looked at a later  date.Wivelsfield 24 before


24th July 2015 – the works are completed and the bridleway is re-opened. PLEASE RIDE GENTLY on the new surface and give it time to bed down. Hopefully the rain we are having will be gentle enough to wash the ‘fines’ of the topping into the basic layers without washing it entirely away! Thanks and ‘happy riding’ to all those that have been waiting near-on 10 years for surface repairs to this path!

Wivelsfield 24 after

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