RB Shoreham 3141 (Slonk Hill) proposed surface improvements: problems arising, details attached

RB Shoreham 3141 (Slonk Hill) proposed surface improvements
RB3141 – Shoreham
WSCC were hoping to do these improvements last summer but were foiled by time and weather issues.
Two sections are to be re-surfaced – westwards from the stables and the northern section just before the path takes a sharp left eastwards. In wet weather these two patches have been nearly impassable.
There has been a slight delay in starting the works (was scheduled 18th March) but WSCC hope to have they completed in a couple of weeks.
As normal they will be keeping the route closed for a further couple of weeks to allow for the newly laid surface to consolidate. Please respect this settling in period – it makes all the difference to the longevity of a path surface if undisturbed time is allowed for the smaller stone/grit to bed down into the cracks between the lower layers.
7th May 2015 to 11th May – we have received several reports that the surface material used for the repairs to this Bridleway contains debris unsuitable for horse use. Riders should make WSCC Rights of Way department aware of any problem areas. MSABG will also be pursuing this problem with them.
There was a similar case last year with repairs to a Henfield Bridleway which the contractors came back and sorted out.

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