Ability to ride across A2300 at Goddards Green/Hickstead threatened


(Burgess Hill/Hickstead/Goddards Green areas)?

Dualing of the A2300 between Hickstead and Goddards Green would mean that without some sort of access across it riders would be prevented from linking the quiet lanes and bridleways to the north and south. The relevant lanes that cross the A2300 are; Pookbourne Lane/Stairbridge Lane and Jobs Lane/Gatehouse Lane West. To cross the main road on horse, bike or foot is tricky now with single lanes; with multiple lanes a signaled crossing or bridge might be the only safe way for riders, cyclists and horses to cross. For more information, Google A2300 Corridor Improvements. Please send concerns, objections or suggest changes that would safeguard your riding to:
 Paul Eagle, Principal Transport Planner, West Sussex County Council. Email : paul.eagle@westsussex.gov.uk

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