West Hoathly, Top Road Bridleway, Surface and Widening Works

Bridleway West Hoathly 43, which runs northward from Top Road, is currently closed for works until 31st July.

The bridleway has historically been very narrow will always be a narrow route due to its characteristics. But these works will widen the path as much as possible and a small ditch will be dug to avoid future channelling of the surface (there was no drainage in place previously).

Any queries about the closure – contact WSCC Rights of Way Team (01243) 777620.

There is said to be a permissive BW on the Gravetye Estate. Can anyone tell us if it links to this BW and if either if the paths are actually ridden? Can anyone provide us with ‘before’ photos or take some photos after the works for the MSABG files. Please contact us!


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